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Do you have questions for us? Would you like to speak to Kristina about your complaint before you schedule a consultation? Please call our office during business hours .

All Consults are over the phone at your comfort and convenience.

Your First Chronic Consultation

A consultation with a Homeopath is different from a consultation with your General Practitioner. A first consultation takes about two hours. We look in detail at all of your physical symptoms, from head to toe, as well as your mental and emotional state.

We will go over family health history and any predispositions you may have. As well as past procedures, exposures you have had in the past.

All of this information will be an important part of your health consult.

The time spent together will be confidential and will go in great detail to capture you as an individual and the support needed for your healing process to take place.

Kristina will then create a remedy plan for you to take daily and any other needs you may have.


Fee:   $220   ( remedy preparation services are not included )

Follow-Up Consultations

Ideally you should schedule monthly follow-ups during the beginning.  This will be to make sure your healing is pointing in the right direction with improvement. 

At this time Kristina will go over with you the next step in remedy choices you may need based on how you are responding.   She may offer health adjuncts to support your homeopathic healing.  Each valuable follow up will be insightful and beneficial for you to understand your own body more and be in touch with your health. 

As time goes by, the goal is to get to a maintenance level.  Where by, you can plan on having phone consults every few months.

Fee:  $75  ( remedy preparation services are not included )

Acute  Consultations

Acute consultations are extremely valuable.  Feel free to call after business hours if you are in need of a acute consult.  Be sure to leave a detailed message.  We do our best to offer help as often as possible. 

An acute should be something that needs to be addressed immediately and you will most likely take a remedy often to resolve the acute.  Common Acute consults are for such ailments as the following:  flu, cold, accident non-surgical, bee sting, cough,, rash UTI, ect...Your acute will no be extra fee for follow ups that are related.

 Fee:  Current Client:  $50,  Non Current Client:  $110  ( considered an acute/initial )



Feel free to  call 1-888-587-9991 or email

 Office Hours:  9:00am - 4:00pm  Eastern Time

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